Portable electronics aren’t just handy. They’re extensions of ourselves, our workflow, and our style. The laptop computer is the embodiment of all of these, and they exist in a wide diversity that suits the needs of the active individual, from work to entertainment.

Some of us prefer a whisper-thin MacBook Air, while others need the rugged muscle of an Asus Republic of Gamers laptop. Certain accessories augment all laptop computing so greatly that it’s a shame to be without them.

Laptop Bag

The right laptop bag is an opportunity to showcase one’s style. It will also guarantee that your expensive hardware is kept safe. Maybe you prefer the sleek, timeless appearance of leather. Many canvas bags feature trendy, hip designs, while nylon is rugged and weather ready. Think about every item that you carry with you, on an average day. Your bag should be able to fit them alongside your laptop computer.

Laptop bag

It’s also helpful to know your laptop’s size. Typically, these consist of diagonal, corner-to-corner measurement, width, height, and depth. These measurements can make sure you don’t end up with a bag that’s a poor fit for your computer.

Wireless Mouse

Your laptop’s trackpad can be suitable for simple browsing, but nothing beats a standard mouse for speed and precision. I recommend investing in a wireless model, if only to keep one fewer cord in your laptop bag. Most wireless mice have a long battery life and high end models feature rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Wireless Mouse

Pay attention to ergonomics when shopping for a wireless mouse. Portable models are typically smaller than desktop mice.Find a design that best suits your hands grip, and has enough buttons to accomplish your tasks.

Screen Protectors

The rigors of the daily life differ from person to person, but a laptop is too expensive to leave exposed to obvious risks. Protect your screen from spills, scratches, and debris with a simple protective covering. They’re usually affordable and easy to apply.

Why risk frustrating damage at the portion of your computer that most often holds your attention?No matter where you do your computing, a reliable screen protector is an inexpensive purchase that can prevent unsightly flaws in your laptop screen.

Laptop Stands

Laptops are becoming thinner and lighter than ever, which means that our computers are laying flatter. Keeping your hands and wrists healthy while spending hours at the keyboard doesn’t happen with a laptop on a flat desk. A laptop stand remedies this, allowing the computer to sit at a healthy incline that allows more comfortable typing.

A good stand also gives a computer’s fans better airflow access, keeping the components cooler. While some stands are unwieldy, many features collapsible pegs, allowing them to easily fit into a bag alongside the computer.

USB Accessories

Your storage solutions should be just as portable as your computer. Almost all laptops features several USB ports.This universal feature can host lightning quick USB memory sticks or portable hard drives. These devices allow quick and simple transfer of data, and pack away easily in your laptop bag.

USB stick

Memory sticks are typically inexpensive, and also available in varying capacities. Portable hard drives offer even larger storage solutions, but also take up more of your limited laptop bag space.

The right collection of laptop accessories can make your mobile computing experience both easier and more personal. Convenience is important when you’re on your laptop. You deserve the right tools, packed away in a stylish and comfortable bag.

Your workflow and entertainment should feel natural, and the right laptop accessories can help you to truly own your experience.


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