Laptops come in different forms and sizes. As a result of this, a laptop bag which is perfect for a particular notebook will not necessarily be so for another. An ideal laptop bag makes it easy to carry your machine around while also keeping it well-protected. It is an essential if you are a frequent traveler or your job requires carrying a notebook around frequently. Here are some important considerations you should have covered when choosing laptop bags.


The ideal size of a laptop bag to choose will depend on whether you intend using such specifically for carrying your notebook or other things along with it. You should choose a bag that is only slightly larger than the size of your machine if you strictly need one just for it. Such should be big enough to accommodate your power adapter as well. Manufacturers typically state laptop sizes that can fit into each bag. In practice, many people need to carry several other things at the same time. If you are one of such, you will need a bag big enough to take the other items.


This may not be considered that relevant, but it is nonetheless worth considering. You could choose a backpack or a messenger bag as you deem fit. Messenger bags are more commonly used in formal and professional settings. But backpacks may serve you better if you intend going on a long trip or will be doing significant degree of walking around with your laptop.

Build quality

If you intend using your laptop bag for a long time, you need to pay adequate attention to build quality. It should be made using a strong material that can take serious beating. It also helps if the material is water-resistant. Many laptop bags, especially the very budget-friendly ones, are made using nylon and most of these suffer on durability. Ballistic nylon and ripston nylon are in a class of their own when it comes to resistance to wear. Leather and neoprene are also among the materials that offer impressive quality.

Good laptop bags are usually double-stitched using thick threads. It is even better when these stitches are consistent and hidden on the inside. An ideal bag should have protective lining on the inside for protection against the odd drops, knocks and bumps. Look out for robust zippers, preferably those made of metal.

Compartments and pockets

In addition to the main laptop compartment, it is beneficial for your preferred back to have several other internal and external compartments and pockets. There should be pockets for keeping your smartphones, water bottles, business cards, stationery, and newspapers, among others. These days, you can even find laptop bags with special compartment for keeping sunglasses.


You want to be sure your chosen laptop bag is comfortable to carry around. It is advised to ensure the shoulder straps are snug if you prefer a bag with such. They should be made of tough materials and feature adequate padding. This is essential because these straps handle all the weight of items contained in the bag. You should consider how they will feel on your shoulder with the weight of everything you wish to carry inside your bag. It is recommended that the shoulder straps be adjustable and shaped in such a manner that they curve from the top to the bottom. They should be non-slip with a special material used to prevent them from shifting back and forth and possibly falling off.

Laptop bags, as their name suggests, are obviously intended for carrying laptops, but they serve more purposes than that. There are several other items you can use them to carry alongside your machine. You should consider these other items or gadgets in choosing one and ensure the bag you choose boasts of high build quality. When making your purchase, try to ask for a warranty to further ensure you get good value for your money.


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