If your laptop sometimes gets so hot it feels as if it was BBQ’d, if you’re dealing with an overheating laptop.

I know how painful and annoying it can get sometimes – especially when you’re under a tight deadline and you’re trying to open a Microsoft Word document – and your laptop starts lagging and freezing heec6c8.

The reason for this is overheating. Here’s the deal: modern laptops have become much lighter and thinner than their predecessors. And while laptops can now be just as fast and powerful as PCs, there’s also a downside.

A fast, responsive and powerful laptop has higher demands for the cooling system, the efficiency of which is hard to achieve in a thin and light laptop. Beauty has its pain, as they say.

Signs your laptop is overheating:

  • You can hear your laptop’s cooler working all the time, especially in games and while watching movies;
  • Your laptop tends to shut off randomly (especially when you’re running high-demanding programs or multitasking);
  • Your laptop freezes;
  • Your laptop tends to get too noisy when you’re running high-demanding programs or games.
  • And, of course, your laptop feels very hot to the touch.

There are a few ways how to fix overheating laptop. First and foremost, always make sure you’re doing everything to prevent your laptop from overheating (more about that later).

But since you’re already dealing with overheating laptop, let’s review how to fix the problem. It doesn’t take to be a Sherlock Holmes to know that in order to cool down something, you need to decrease the temperature.

Basically, there are two options how to bring down the temperature in a laptop:

  1. Clean the dust out of your laptop’s cooling system and fan (this will work if the fan is working properly).
  2. Replace the fan (this will work if the fan is not working properly and just cleaning the dust wasn’t enough).

Note: these two things are not recommended to do by yourself, especially if your laptop is still under warranty. When you notice the signs your laptop is overheating, immediately take it to a laptop repair service.

Even if you’re already dealing with overheating laptop, we recommend trying preventative measures (which, if done regularly and properly, can prevent your laptop from overheating):

  • Get the dust out of your laptop at least once a year (preferably twice a year). In order to do it, take your laptop to a repair service, as cleaning the dust all by yourself can lead to more serious consequences than just overheating;
  • Replace the thermal grease in your laptop (this must be done at least once in 1-2 years). Guys at the service center will do this quickly and effectively;
  • Use cooling stands for your laptop. These tools are quite effective and can expand the service life of your laptop;
  • Try to never use your laptop on your clothes or on any soft surface (blanket, pillow, etc.). And make sure nothing obstructs the openings that provide air exchange in your laptop.

There’s also one useful trick how to fix overheating laptop.

Here’s what you need to understand: the air, which is supposed to cool down your laptop’s inner components, gets sucked into your laptop through the openings on the bottom of your laptop.

By raising your laptop’s butt end, you can expand the space between the bottom of your laptop and the table, thus improving the air circulation.

In other words: the air that gets into the radiator of your cooling system becomes colder. As a result, the maximum temperature of your laptop gets down by 5-10 degrees.

You can raise your laptop’s butt end with just about anything, from books and pens to wine corks.


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