When people decide to buy any laptop, they generally consider mobility as the major factor. However, some people want to have laptop only for editing different videos. And obviously, for editing any video, there is a need of more amount of power, which is not found in any tab. Though a designated PC is perfect for editing video, it may not be always much expedient to carry the huge computer machine to any place. Especially, when you are the videographer or the filmmaker, video editing is your regular job. And for this work, the best suitable laptop is essential. You may consider these factors, for choosing the laptop-


When you want to edit video, you have to select the proper hard drive. In fact, the size and speed of hard drives are very important. The speed is essential as all the programs are stored on the hard drive. Hard drives, working slowly, may take a long time to open the software. That is why you must try to find SSD hard drive while modifying video. These are relatively faster in the performance, besides having lower propensity to failure.

Solid-state drive
Solid-state drive


Another factor, which is very significant, for any video editing work on laptop, is size of HDD. Besides, in terms of storage, you must look for 500GB or more than it, so that you may work on the footage with your laptop. There is no need of having any external hard drive.

Many of the video editors state that in order to have high speed rate, you may export the copy to another hard drive. However, according to their experience, the speed difference may not be of enough level to reveal the trouble of finding external drive, particularly, when you possess internal SSD.



The processor of the best standard is essential to edit video. While you are editing any film, the processor has a more important role than that of graphics card. Moreover, the videos are quite memory and processor intensive, particularly when you desire editing HD video.

When you need to open a number of various apps all at once, you will surely need one of the excellent processors. You may choose Intel i5 processor.

RAM (Memory)

Laptop ram

If you have started to edit or work with different motion graphic, then the PC requires a space for putting all temporary files that have been created. It is, at this point, the importance of the memory of the laptop can be realized. When the RAM is larger, your laptop will have more space to store files. The laptop will also work very fast. The memory should not be lower than 8 GB.

Graphics Card

It is one of the parts of a laptop, which deals with the transitions of video clip from some data to pixels. Thus, you perhaps believe that getting the best graphics card is highly significant to edit video.

The most complicated fact, which you may notice, while buying graphics card for laptop is the unclear name of the product. Thus, rather than observing the codes and numbers, you may take recommendation from some experts.

These are some of the basics that you should consider, while buying laptop to edit video clip. However, you may also need to make certain that your chosen laptop is outfitted with some additional features, which may make all kind of the video editing tasks much simpler. For instance, a slot for SD card is always useful to unload audios from pictures or cards. You may also need to look for the excellent battery life, because the film editing works are likely to affect your batteries. Another thing that is needed is the best ergonomic mouse, because trackpads may seem to be quite uncomfortable, when it is your extensive session of video editing.

Some more features that you should not overlook are:

  • Display of very high resolution– for serious assessment of any HD recording Retina display of Apple is not a bad idea.
  • Fingerprint reader – It is another good point while you want more protection.
  • Headphones – They are good to check audio records.

Thus, laptops are effective enough to deal with the video editing tasks. But, you have to be careful while choosing one for your purpose.


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