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Laptop Mouse Buying Guide: Choose The Right One


If you’re reading this, it means you’re not satisfied with a touch pad built in your laptop. Well, either that or you just like the feeling of keeping things in control with your entire hand rather than your two fingers.

There are many types of laptop mice available on the market today, which is why it’s easy to get confused.

Note that this is not a guide on choosing a GAMING laptop mouse. When choosing a gaming laptop mouse, people approach this matter more carefully.

In fact, for many gamers choosing a gaming mouse is like choosing the ideal women. Everything needs to be just perfect and nothing but perfect.

That’s why in this article we’ll delve into the basics of choosing a laptop mouse for standard tasks: work, design and browsing your social media accounts.

Laptop mouse: Laser or optic?

If you know at least something about modern laptop mice, you probably know that there are two main types of them: laser and optic.

Laser mouse has higher sensor resolution and super precise cursor. That’s the very type that is chosen by gamers. However, other laptop users benefit from using this laptop mouse, too.

Laser mouse easily works on pretty much any surface, including uneven, mirror-y and glass surfaces. And compared to the optic type, laser requires battery replacements less often.

Optic mouse, meanwhile, comes with a built-in diode that reflects the movements of the cursor. Optic mice work much worse on mirror-y and glossy surfaces.

But while an optic mouse’s performance leaves much to be desired, it’s compensated by a cheaper price.

Laptop mouse: What’s a DPI?

No, DPI doesn’t stand for double-pie imagination. DPI means dots per inch. So the higher the DPI value is, the more precise is a mouse. The DPI ranges between 400 and 4,000.

What it basically means is the higher the DPI, the father the mouse is able to move the cursor on your screen.

Laptop mouse: shape

As said above, for gamers, choosing a laptop mouse is like choosing a woman. True enthusiasts are spending hours choosing the perfect shape, while undemanding laptop users opt for a shape that can easily fit into a palm.

There are two ways to choose the right shape: (1) test each mouse on a special stand at a store and see what works best for you.

(2)go to your friends’ houses and compare the shapes of their mice. If you happen to fall in love with one particular shape, you should buy a laptop mouse with a similar shape.

Laser mouse: wired or wireless?

As if that wasn’t confusing enough, laser mice also divide into wired and wireless.

Wired mice, meanwhile, are divided into three other types: PS/2, USB and PS/2-USB.

Many people find it more comfortable and seamless to use a wired laptop mouse, as it’s actually faster and more trustworthy than a wireless one. In addition to that, a wireless mouse doesn’t require you to replace batteries. But there’s one downside: the annoying, constantly tangled wires.

PS/2 wired mice are super responsive, but it’s a rarity to find this type nowadays.

USB wired mice are the most common type of laptop mice. It’s comfortable in use and very practical.

PS/2-USB combines the benefits of both types. It’s super responsive and super precise.

Wireless laptop mice need the juice (batteries) in order to work but come without those annoying wires. Wireless mice are portable and compact. This is the best type of laptop mouse for those who take their laptop on the go and often travel.

Laser mouse: connection type

Last but not least: laser mice also have different connection types. There are four most common connection types: Bluetooth, radio channel, Wi-Fi and standard wired.

Bluetooth. Low response speed but no need to stick it into a USB port.

Radio channel. Reliable connection and quick response speed. You also don’t need a USB port for it.

Wi-Fi.Consumes even less energy than the two above types and is the best wireless mouse type for a laptop.

Standard wired.The most common type for undemanding laptop users. However, beware of the annoying wires.

If you’re choosing a laptop mouse to play video games, you need a heavier gaming mouse with a sensitive cursor. The best type here is models with adjustable weight and shape.

If you’re a designer and are regularly editing images on your laptop, opt for a laptop mouse with fast scrolling, which automatically adjusts from very slow to super fast scrolling.

If you’re regularly working with Microsoft Word documents on your laptop, opt for a mouse with multiple buttons, which can be easily customized.

Think about it: copying, pasting and cutting text by pressing just one button. Those who work with documents all the time will understand the beauty of it.


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